This site was initally created January 2003 as alhamd.org and later on January, 2008 modified with new name ICTruth (*ictruth.info - 2016). On July 2008 the website was officially launched Alhamdulillah. This site is updated regularly, insha-Allah, so that visitors can have something new to keep coming back to. *Please note that the .com site is no more with us and the new site is ictruth.info.

ICTruth.info is intent to bring the truth up front which is the Deenul Islam (The religion of submitting to the God the Almighty the Majestic) so that any one who seek the truth will benefit Insha Allah (with the will of the God the Almighty the Majestic). ICTruth.info, is dedicated to serving Islam on the Internet and currently provides islamic litratures, Islamic Links on Quran, Hadeeth and other literature.

We do understand that there are many websites are available with same/similar content, however the primary intention of updating contents (after reviewing authenticity of the content) onto this website is to preserve them. The second purpose of this website is to update the research contents and outcomes from various studies went through since 1980.

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